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"We sell and ship quail eggs anywhere in the country. We are dedicated to providing the best birds, quail eggs and service."

      Wadley Quail Farm has produced what we think is the best all purpose Bobwhite Quail on the market today. This all purpose strain has for thirty years been selectively bred for flight ability. (wing and tail feathers are longer) Yet, it is a big bird 12 to 14 oz that produces a large number of quail eggs, easy to raise and will mix and interbreed readily with the regular bobwhite. Great for release, adapts well from Alaska to Florida.
We now have a new line of Bobwhite, Georgia Giants. These quail are similar to the Jumbo Wisconsin in flight ability, (longer wing and tail feathers) but larger. The weight is about 1 pound (16 ounces) at maturity. Hatching eggs from them are available now.

We sell quail eggs in bulk for hatching, shipped through the US Postal Service air mail on small orders of 200 or less, large orders are sent UPS.

We are a NPIP #57-1329 tested and certified disease free farm.

Spanish & English speaking secretary on duty.
We also have a Wildlife Biologist on staff.

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